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Blog by Dan Roberts MPD CBT, Therapist in Highgate, North London

Thoughts, reflections, advice...

» Most common phobias

According to a recent survey, we are most afraid of heights, snakes and public speaking - with spiders, enclosed spaces and mice not far behind read article

Added on 09.04.2014

» Learning to like yourself

At the root of many problems - such as low self-esteem, chronic depression or anxiety - is the feeling that we just don't like ourselves very much read article

Added on 21.02.2014

» What are 'safety behaviours' in CBT?

Cognitive therapists often refer to safety behaviours - but what are they and why do they serve to maintain conditions like social anxiety and OCD? read article

Added on 10.02.2014

» Freeing yourself from a phobia

Phobias such as claustrophobia or a fear of dogs are very common - but they are fairly simple to treat with CBT read article

Added on 05.02.2014

» Cognitive therapy for adolescents

Cognitive therapy techniques are very effective for teenagers with problems like anxiety, bullying, behavioural difficulties or school avoidance read article

Added on 20.11.2013

» What causes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious problem that can develop following a traumatic incident - but we now understand how to treat it read article

Added on 10.11.2013

» The way out of depression

When you suffer from depression, you stop doing things that give you a sense of pleasure or achievement - so it's key to start doing them again read article

Added on 15.11.2013

» The link between anxiety and avoidance

When we fear something, we are likely to avoid it - but that only makes the problem worse read article

Added on 01.11.2013

» How to stop worrying all the time

If you are prone to worry, you might be making yourself stressed and anxious. Try taking a 'worry break' to feel calmer and more in control read article

Added on 28.04.2013

» Overcoming public speaking anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is very common, but it can be treated with CBT. Try using this technique to help yourself feel more confident on the day read article

Added on 21.03.2013

» What is the story of your life?

We all tell ourselves stories about the key moments of our lives - but if your story makes you unhappy, does it need rewriting? read article

Added on 19.02.2013

» What kind of therapy should you choose?

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), counselling, psychodynamic psychotherapy... which is right for you? Here's a guide to the different approaches read article

Added on 05.01.2013

» The 'head-heart lag' in therapy

A common problem in CBT is the gap between logical understanding and 'gut-level' belief - things make sense, but somehow they just don't feel true read article

Added on 04.11.2013

» The link between thought suppression and anxiety

If you have an anxiety-related problem, you may try to push your anxious thoughts away - unfortunately, this just makes the problem worse read article

Added on 24.01.2013

» Bibliotherapy for anxiety

Anxiety-related problems are challenging, but cognitive therapy can help. In my fifth 'bibilotherapy' post, here are some of the best books on anxiety read article

Added on 07.01.2013

» Christmas: a survival guide

Modifying unhelpful beliefs about how things should be will help you keep Christmas stress to a minimum this year read article

Added on 12.12.2012

» Bibilotherapy on mindfulness

Mindfulness can help with stress, anxiety and chronic pain. In the fourth of my 'bibilotherapy' posts, here are some of the best books on mindfulness read article

Added on 09.11.2012

» Overcoming health anxiety

Health anxiety can have a profound effect on your life. The good news is that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is a proven, effective treatment read article

Added on 10.10.2012

» My new practice in Highgate

I have recently moved to my new North London practice at The Summit in Highgate - a complementary health centre in the heart of Highgate village read article

Added on 26.08.2012

» Bibilotherapy on compassion

Part three of my 'bibliotherapy' course suggests books on compassion and compassion-focused therapy (CFT), a new form of psychotherapy read article

Added on 20.06.2013
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