Books by Dan Roberts

Bipolar Disorder: the Essential Guide

I wrote this as I was coming to the end of my career as a health journalist, when I had just started my private practice and offered cognitive-behavioural coaching (a form of CBT for problems like stress and procrastination) before completing my training as a cognitive therapist. I am proud of this book and the moving stories people told me about their struggle with bipolar disorder, the interviews with leading experts in the field, and guide to the evidence-based treatments on offer.

If I wrote it now, I would probably change a few things, having spent years treating people with bipolar disorder, as well as many other psychological problems. But it is a valuable resource if you or a loved one struggles with this common, hard-to-treat disorder. As well as reading this – and the many other excellent books on bipolar disorder available – I would also strongly recommend getting in touch with me or finding another CBT therapist specialising in this area, as CBT is the gold-standard treatment for bipolar disorder (combined with medication) and will help you manage and cope with your difficulties in the best possible way.