Attachment & Limited Reparenting: the Healing Power of a Warm, Authentic Relationship

Many therapists are taught to maintain strong boundaries with their clients. And many of those boundaries are both healthy and necessary for good, ethical practice. But in schema therapy we are taught to push those boundaries, forming a deep, human-to-human relationship with our clients that is more like family than a detached, professional stance. This concept of ‘limited reparenting’ is key to working with and healing people who have experienced abuse or neglect in their childhoods. They may never have had a healthy attachment figure, or their parents might have been cold, harsh or highly critical. Much of the work in schema therapy involves becoming that healthy attachment figure (what Bowlby called a ‘secure base’) for them and, as far as possible, meeting the needs that did not get met for them as children – and which led them to form unhealthy, destructive schemas and modes.

On this one-day workshop we will explore:

  • Whether it is possible (and permissible) to love our clients

  • The theory and practice of limited reparerning

  • Why Bowlby’s attachment theory lies at the heart of schema therapy and how to heal attachment disorders in your clients

  • How to formulate and understand highly complex issues of attachment, trauma and subsequent psychological problems in your clients

  • The key role of relational work, which also helps us repair ruptures and overcome therapeutic resistance and impasses

The workshop will involve didactic teaching, video and live demonstrations, small group discussion and skills practice.

If you would like me to teach this workshop for your organisation, call me on 07766 704210, email me or use the contact form to get in touch.

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