I am privileged to have worked with hundreds of courageous, inspiring people over the years. Here is what some of my clients think about having therapy with me.

With incredible insight, empathy, patience and humour, Dan has helped me challenge and change some really deep-rooted beliefs about myself. Schema therapy got to the emotional nub of my many, often overwhelming anxieties – and struck a chord with me that regular cognitive therapy hadn’t. The ideas behind it are logical and practical, but there’s also something a bit magical about its power to heal and make you a stronger, happier person. Dan is a brilliant therapist and I’d recommend him to anyone who’s struggling with stubborn negative thoughts.
— S, copywriter
I’ve suffered from mild to quite severe anxiety on and off for over 20 years. Other forms of therapies have been helpful to a point. However, my deeply ingrained ways of thinking and reacting to certain situations meant that the same old distressing feelings, doubts and fears would always resurface. Over time, these started to have a negative effect on more and more aspects of my life.

Schema therapy has enabled me to understand how I came to be like this. It has helped me to let go of some of the now unnecessary coping mechanisms and thinking patterns I’d developed in my early life. It’s not a quick fix, but I feel that it’s getting to the core of my problems. I’ve seen a steady improvement in the quality of my day-to-day life. I no longer wake up wondering how I’m going to cope with the day ahead. The schema work I’ve been doing with Dan has shown me that I can live a life free of fear and anxiety.
— M, teacher
When I first came to see Dan I was depressed. I had real problems with anxiety and was suffering from panic attacks on a daily basis. We’ve been doing schema therapy for over a year now and as a result I feel a lot happier, I haven’t had a panic attack in months and am managing my anxiety effectively. The insight schema therapy has given me into who I am and why means I no longer feel overwhelmed by negative emotions. It has given me the tools I needed to combat the less helpful aspects of my personality and to do so with compassion for myself as well as for others.
— R, surveyor
When I first started my therapy with Dan, I was firstly very grateful that he took me on as a patient. I was very apprehensive as to what was likely to happen in terms of the past, relating to the present and my future wellbeing. During the period I saw Dan, I experienced emotions and memories that were revealing, upsetting, but illuminating and an opportunity for personal growth.

Dan’s kindness and professionalism have always given me the courage and hope to persevere. He helped me reveal and reflect on my past, to help me evaluate my present and future life, with I hope, the spiritual growth I desire. Without Dan’s help I know I would be a poorer, lonelier person and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.
— P, business owner
Dan is a friendly, encouraging and insightful therapist. I came to see him just over a year ago hoping to find ways to feel calmer and keep perspective when I’m under pressure – what he taught me has changed my life.
— G, magazine journalist
I heard of Dan through a recommendation and consider myself lucky he took me on. Prolonged but benign headaches had turned me into a bit of a wreck as I had developed a catastrophising form of hypochondria. Dan has a fantastic ability to listen, absorb and pick out the key issues. A mixture of CBT and no-nonsense analysis helped me climb out of my abyss and find resources within myself to deal with the problem. Dan is an exceptionally skilful therapist and someone I immediately came to respect and trust. I can never thank him enough for his help and support.
— J, charity director
Your advice and guidance have been exceptionally useful. I’ve taken a lot of the ideas up, but more than that, I’ve understood the whole point of stress and that has transformed the experience of it! It has made a real difference to my life especially being able to chill out better at home after work.
— S, company director
I found the sessions to be a great help to get me through a testing period in my life. Dan showed a good balance between listening/understanding the issues I was experiencing and suggesting proactive methods to change my outlook/mindset.
— J, surveyor

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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
— Carl Jung